low-waste snack ideas

One of the main reasons people buy food in packaging is for convenience. Right? That’s why I used to. Individual servings of chips, applesauce, granola bars etc. make it easy to pack lunches for yourself or your kids. Therefore, when you “give up” these individual packaged snack foods (which I would obviously recommend you do!), it can feel a bit daunting to have to come up with other snacks.

As a first step, you can always try just buying the food you like in the larger size…not zero waste but less packaging. But if you want to take it a step further and try to eliminate the packaging altogether, fear not: there are still tons of snacks available!

Easy “finger” foods:

  • Pasta (maybe tossed with some pesto)

  • chopped veggies

  • apple slices

  • chickpeas or lima beans (make your own from bulk or buy in cans)

Foods that come in their own “packaging:”

  • bananas

  • oranges

  • lychees (find at Asian markets)

  • snap peas

  • hard-boiled eggs

Foods that come in bulk*:

  • sesame sticks

  • nuts

  • dried fruits (mango is usually a hit!)

  • peanut butter pretzels

  • granola

  • trail mixes

  • plantain chips

  • popcorn

  • veggie chips

  • dark chocolate pieces or chips

  • chocolate-covered fruit or nuts

  • “real fruit” gummy bears (these are basically fruit snacks)

My favorite recipes for snack foods:
Most of these are freezable either after they’re baked or in their pre-cooked form. Keep a stash of any or all in the freezer for your snacking needs!

Snacks/recipes I want to try: