de-plastic your food storage

I’m always up for talking about all things low waste with anyone who is interested. I know many people who want to decrease the plastic in their lives, particularly in their kitchens, but are unsure how to get rid of it completely. The “final frontier” for many seems to be figuring out how to de-plastic their food storage in the refrigerator.

This has definitely been my journey: I figured out how to buy food without plastic, but then once I was home, I would put my carrots or salad greens in a (reused) plastic bag or plastic container to store them. But in the past 6 months, after reading more about the health concerns of plastic, I’ve been working to de-plasticize my fridge. With some trial and error, I’ve figured out methods that work. There once was a time when we stored food for long periods of time without plastic. It is possible, people!

I also recently discovered the amazing website Save The Food. It’s devoted to ways to minimize food waste, which is a HUGE problem. Their section on storing food is phenomenal; they give lots of plastic-free storage solutions. Search by item! And don’t waste your food.

But to save you some time, here’s a quick rundown of how I’ve been storing produce without plastic (alphabetized by item):

Apples // Leave loose in the crisper.

Broccoli // Cut stalks at the bottom and submerge in water to store in fridge. I use a loaf baking pan.

Brussels Sprouts // Store in the fridge in an open container such as a jar, bowl, or breathable bag.

Carrots // Submerge in water and store in the fridge. I use a baking pan.

Celery // Give stalks a fresh cut and then stand upright in a jar with water in the fridge.

Corn cobs // Wrap in a damp towel and store in fridge for 1-2 days.

Cucumbers // Wrap in a damp cloth and keep away from apples in the fridge.

Green beans // Store in the fridge in an open container such as a jar, bowl, or breathable bag.

Green onions/scallions // Put in a breathable bag or open container.

Kale, lettuce, chard, herbs // Wash leaves and give bottoms a fresh cut. Store upright in a pint glass or jar, as you would flowers in vase. Keep in fridge.

Mushrooms // Store in a breathable bag or open container. Use ASAP.

Radishes // Wash and cut off greens. Put in the fridge in an open jar with just a bit of water in the bottom.

What are your tricks and tips? Please share!