make an easy switch to renewable energy (for xcel customers)

For way too long I’ve been meaning to look into ways to “green” our energy use. We’ve been limiting our air conditioning use as much as possible this summer, but that’s obviously not enough. 44% of Xcel’s energy comes from coal, so that’s something to consider. Just like where our waste “goes” it’s good to think about where our energy “comes from.”

Xcel let’s you enroll in programs through your account portal online. It’s really fast and easy!

one // sign up for “Saver Switch.”
We’ve been enrolled in this program for years. Xcel installs a small device on your air conditioning unit that can be used to limit your AC use on really hot days. It has your AC cycle on and off at 20 minute intervals and you supposedly don’t notice when it’s in effect. I never have.

two // get on the waiting list for “Renewable*Connect” solar.
This program is full, but if you’re not already on the waitlist, signing up shows Xcel how important solar energy is to its customers. Colorado has plentiful sunshine; let’s make use of it!

three // sign up for “Windsource.”
For just $1.50 extra a month, you can power all your lightbulbs with wind. If you’re able to pay $10-$15, you can get all your electricity from wind. I was originally just going to do a block or two of wind, but opted to get 100% of our energy from Windsource. Again, I think it’s important to tell Xcel what I want as a customer.

What do you think? Have you already made these changes? Will you? If you don’t have Xcel as your provider, does your energy provider have similar options? Ask them!