low-waste and intentional living


Hi there.

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Melissa. I live in Denver, Colorado with my husband and three young children. I am incredibly passionate about decreasing my family’s waste and environmental footprint by making informed and intentional choices.

I believe less is more, and just being instead of doing can be incredibly fulfilling. Sometimes it feels like our current world is against me/us, but that’s all part of this process.

What is Deliberate.Less. all about?

On this site, I discuss environmental issues on a micro level; providing day-to-day tips on reducing household waste and creating a life that strives to be less hectic. There’s a compilation of resources for ways to reduce waste in different areas of your life.

I am active in my community and am always looking for ways to get involved with the many efforts that align with my beliefs. So please let me know what you’re working on and how we could collaborate!



Reducing waste by making deliberate and informed choices about the things you bring into your life.


Minimizing life stress by slowing down your days and aiming to do a bit less.


Striving for balance by pursuing the things you love and letting go of what you don’t.


Banding together as a community to make eco-conscious decisions the new norm.


“The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life that is exchanged for it, immediately, or in the long run.”

Henry DAvid thoreau