i love sharing my ideas with others.

I’ve held educational sessions about reducing household waste with:

  • friends

  • groups of professionals

  • kids and schools

Options to work with me:

  • Plan an informal conversation for you and your friends. I will explain some of the current problems facing the environment and share several ideas for how individuals can make a difference. Significant time for Q&A. 15 people maximum. ($200 for a 90-minute session)

  • Schedule an in-home consultation. I will spend time in your home to asses your current living environment and discuss your personal waste-related goals. In this setting, I can make tailored suggestions for how to reduce your household waste and implement more “green” systems for you and your family. ($75/hr)

  • Have me go grocery shopping with you! The grocery store is perhaps the biggest contributor to household waste. I love showing people the ropes of how to buy food with minimal packaging and waste. ($75/hr)

  • Arrange a presentation in your workplace. Changing behaviors on a micro level is an integral part of understanding waste-related issues that face the world. These discussions can help businesses and organizations improve their institutional sustainability while simultaneously enriching employees lives. (Charge TBD)

  • Have me come talk at a school. It is very important for children to understand the issues currently facing or environment. There are many ways schools can have a positive impact on the environment and students are usually very excited to work to positively impact the world by changing behaviors at school and at home. (Minimal charge.)

get in touch to arrange a consultation.